Fallon Timberlake 2020 President Shirt



The Fallon Timberlake for President ‘20 T-Shirt is popular among the Jimmy Fallon fans who, along with his long-time friend Justin Timberlake, are supposed to be gunning for president. The joke spread when one of the Fallon’s fans wore this shirt to Tonight Show. Whether it’ll remain as a joke remains to be seen, however the shirt has gained a lot of popularity because of that.

The shipping weight of the shirt is 6.1 ounces and come in navy blue, white and grey colors. The Fallon Timberlake 2020 shirt is brand new with tags, is Semi-Fitted Adult T-Shirt (Unisex), has a seamless double needle 3/4 collar, is fully machine washable, has a high quality and is comfortable.

All those who have bought this shirt have found it to be satisfying and up to their expectations. Most of the reviews by the buyer report the Fallon/Timberlake t-shirt to be funny, fit to their size, light weight and cheap. One of the reviews even stated “Fits great. Is definitely a head turner and gets lots of attention. There’s no reason to question this purchase. If you are a Jimmy/JT fan then this should be in your drawer”. So this T-Shirt is funny, has high quality lightweight cotton and most of all is cheap so it’s a great way to stand out in a crowd.